Thursday, September 25, 2008

Resistance Is Futile: Why A Resistance Cast?

Good evening cats & kittens!

This episode was meant to answer any general questions one might have about this our dear podcast. So casual, half-a-cast was it intended that for a while I considered going unscripted. FYI: Me passing up the chance to script something is unpossible.

Despite planning in advance, there were were still a few things left unsaid. The script wound up being in part about the spirit of Resistance and a bit about how it feels to discover it. Here are the points I didn't get to make:

1. People who like to read about partisans tend to be a bit partisan. Personally, I have no problem liking the De Gualle of this era and disliking the De Gualle of later years.

2. I also hold Henri Frenay morally responsible for Caluire. Like many, I suppose the trigger man was most likely Rene Hardy, but something must be said about Salieri and his 'fire at will' attitude in the background.

3. In case you haven't noticed, I'm already going to French Resistance buff Hell. Any inappropriate comments thrown on now are just decorating the handbasket.

We also discussed the human nature of Resistance, and why no one ever made a summer tent-pole flick about layabouts with ennui. And the merits of wine by Targét.

Mercury is currently retrograding all over our usual streaming feature, my apologies. I'll update the link above with something that streams as soon as I can. On a more palatable note, someone has posted a new video about Jean Moulin on Youtube. You can check it out here. As usual, I, Kensington, promise to update this blog more often with Resistance findings around the net.

Until next time, mes amies, vive la Resistance.