Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Herding Lions: Maximizing the Resistance

It's the long awaited Jean Moulin ep on La Resistance! Tune in to learn more about the man historian Thane Peterson was speaking of when he said 'If there's a greater hero of WWII of any nationality, I haven't read about him.'

My apologies for the delay of this episode. Wedding planning and the new, reduced Google books research feature slowed things down a bit. In recompense I offer a kernel discovered on a recent Truveo hunt for video content on the subject of our current episode: The entirity of Andre Malraux's famous speech at the Pantheon.

Le transfert des cendres de Jean Moulin
Uploaded by jeanmoulin-caluire. - News videos from around the world.

Until next time, vive la Resistance.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Watch this Space

Dr. Dugoujon's house in Caluire has been turned into a museum!

I already couldn't wait to get back to France. Now I have a chance to enter this house to look forward to.

I'm working on an episode on the life of Jean Moulin that I'd hoped to have ready by today. It's coming along quickly, but there's so much to say. It will probably be a two-parter.

Until then, have a happy anniversary of the birth of Jean Moulin! Buy some art, go skiing, foment a little healthy revolution.

And, of course, vive la Resistance.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Tangled Shadows: The Enigma of Henri Frenay

My apologies for the belated episode. I'm not dead, but was having and recovering from surgery for part of that time, so close but no cigar on that one.

Now on to our first episode to be about just one person, so who else could a podcast about the Resistance focus an entire episode on than.... Henri Frenay?! What?

Nope, you heard it here first unless you've heard it somewhere else: Mssr. Frenay is the most important person an aspiring Resistance buff could hope to understand. You probably never will, but your understanding of the Resistance will increase exponentially for trying.

The good news is some of the delay was spent buying and learning to use new podcast equipment, the bad is that I still can't pronounce things for carp. The more things change...

Writing this post took much longer than most because info on Mssr. Frenay is so thin on the ground and because for a while I had it wrapped around use of the song "No Handlebars" by the Flobots. However, since the laws about podcasting music at the moment state that there aren't any laws about podcasting music, I've decided to just play it safe and cut it entirely. Consider it the unofficial soundtrack to this episode.

Looking forward to providing you with more content soon (perhaps even a quick opinion piece on one particular issue being discussed in the Resistance world recently). Until next time, vive la Resistance.