Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Compliments of the Season!

Greetings all,

It's early December, and here in the states that means we're just finishing our leftovers from Thanksgiving. Of the many things for which I'm thankful, I wanted to share two with you.

First is that this podcast was recently reviewed by the foremost blog reviewer Anne is a Man. With over 200 podcast reviews, if you like podcasts - especially those connected to history or politics - his blog is a must bookmark.

When you appreciate your freedoms, your rights, and your heritage (or in my case other people's heritage) it's hard to get excited about the latest iThingie. But if that means your loved ones aren't sure if there's a way they can wrap a piece of their affection for you in a box this holiday season, have no fear; Agnes Humbert to the rescue (again).

Part real-time diary, part memoir, Agnes Humbert's writings on the period have been given an engaging new translation by Barbara Mellor. A remarkably well-educated woman of her time, the author and art historian hadn't needed to stay in Paris during the war. She'd been offered a position with a museum in Palo Alto, California, but rather than flee to the new world she decided to stay and try to fix the old. She went on to be a key player in the Musee de L'homme group, and this volume will certainly be a good match for that other English language tome on this reseau, The Vilde Affair by Martin Blumenson.

C'est tout for now, I'm afraid. But the other project that takes up much of my time will be finished soon, leaving me free to work on new podcast episodes, the next two of which are already being researched and planned.

Until next time, vive la Resistance.